Skipping Along

I am your Basic Girly Girl!
I love fashion. I enjoy being a trendsetter! I like to play around with my look which I would say can be a bohemian urban uptown style. In winter I love wearing black, I believe it is super chic to wear all black with a more colorful color. I LOVE scarves and believe I can never have enough.
Apart from scarves, I love purses! I seem to always need more.
My last weekness is fascinators! I wish I were British just to be able to wear giant fascinators more often. Still, that has not stopped me from wearing huge flowers or cocktail hats out and about! I just love them!
I love music and movies! I do not discriminate, love all genres! Really into Regina Spektor, have found a new appreciation for Joanna Newsom I never knew I would. I am a total GEEK FOR MUSICALS! Ah Broadway shows and Broadway actors (BERNADETTE PETERS!!) have a special place in my heart.
Love the gays, what can I say? So fabulous!
Born in the BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY OF HONDURAS! Live in CA, but Catracha for life!

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"Anyone who takes the time to be kind is beautiful."

Richelle E. Goodrich (via considerthishippie)

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"Dress every day like you’re going to get murdered in those clothes."

Tracy Jordan  (via sleeping-with-diamonds)

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